Thoughts from A Lash Artist
Misconceptions in the lash extension industry 

Thoughts from A Lash Artist

Eyelash Extensions aren’t for everyone. Why Lash Lifts have become the hottest trend in beauty

by Gini Dumers on 05/23/18

Eyelash extensions are wonderful. No matter what your natural lashes look like, lash artists can add curl and definition to the lash line. But what if you don’t have the time every two weeks for touch ups? What if you are so active with sports, hot yoga, etc. that you can’t retain the eyelash extensions very well.? And let’s face it, eyelash extensions are a commitment that not everyone wants to make.

So how to beautify our eyes with a less maintenance? Answer, Lash Lifts! I have seen the popularity of this service explode over the last six months and here is why;  lash lifts make natural lashes visible where they were once straight and not very visible. We have all probably tried the mechanical lash curler, which works great to get those lashes up and visible, giving us some glam. Then after about an hour that wonderful curl is gone and so is the glam look.

Lash lifts permanently curl natural lashes so that with a couple of strokes of mascara you get the wow look. With the lash lift, the lashes are tinted immediately post treatment to give them a darker appearance, so even when mascara isn’t worn there is a nice natural definition on the lash line. Clients who have incredible natural lashes will go from not so noticeable lashes to “wow!” eyelashes that get constant comments and compliments. The look lasts up to 6 weeks!  So you will only have to visit the salon again after a couple of weeks if you would like to refresh the black tint.

Not everyone is the best candidate for the lash lift. Ideally, your natural lashes are reasonably healthy and strong. It is also important to take care of your lashes post lift with special Keratin conditioners that are applied every day to keep the treated lashes strong and prevent lash shrinkage.

Give iCandy Lash Lounge a call today so we can set you up with this wonderful treatment. It takes about an hour and lasts up to 6 weeks. Most clients desire a reapplication of the black tint after 3 weeks, but this is still a very low maintenance solution for beautiful lashes. Incredibly, women have fallen in love with the lift as deeply as the extensions!

Misconceptions in the Lash Industry

by Gini Dumers on 05/23/18

I often have clients ask me "Who are you certified with?" to which I reply, "I am certified with several lash product companies but it has little to do with my skill level as a lash artist. My lash extension skill comes from years of trial and error and many, many hours of practice on all different kinds of lashes."

One of the misconceptions in our industry is that certification with a lash extension product line equals skill. While attending lash extension training classes is absolutely essential to our industry, it takes months, if not years, to get a handle on this highly technical skill after you attend those classes.  Many lash product companies will simply give you a certificate at the end of an eight hour class and say "Here's your certificate! Now go do lash extensions and make sure you order all your products from us!" Sadly, many people fall victim to these inexperienced people who go out and sell their service after little practice and skill development. The result is often lashes that are glued together, heavy, unattractive and uncomfortable. Unfortunately for our industry, many people try lash extensions once, have a horrible experience and swear them off forever. 

But those people are missing out on a truly wonderful beauty service! When done right, eyelash extensions can literally change the way a woman feels about herself. They open up and define her eyes, making her look rested and younger. Everywhere she goes, people comment on how beautiful her eyes are, having no idea she has lash extensions. Perhaps best of all, she no longer has to mess with goopy mascara that consumes her time taking it on and off. Once a woman falls in love with her eyelash extensions, she will never give them up. This love affair with lash extensions is what makes our salon so successful and we are grateful for it. 

Are great lash extensions a big commitment? You bet. Are they worth it? Absolutely! 
-Love, Gini

Why ‘Big Box” Lash Salons are an Insult to the Eyelash Extension Industry and Small Businesses

by Gini Dumers on 05/17/18

I’m sure many of you have seen places popping up in our larger shopping centers around the triangle with big signs saying “Full Set of Lash Extensions-just $59.99!” and you wonder “What are eyelash extensions?” Then you remember running in to your friend Sally who you hadn’t seen a while. She looked great! Her eyes and eyelashes looked better than you remember. They were beautiful. “That’s it!”, you thought.  “She got eyelash extensions!”

So you walk into the big box chain salon and they tell you can have this great new look for just $59.99! You get the discounted price from a regular priced full set ($250) IF and only IF you sign a contract to get them refilled every month for a year.  Wow! This is great you think. Why the heck would I pay all that money at a local small business when I can get them this cheap? They are just eyelashes right?

Wrong! Let me tell you why good eyelash extensions aren’t cheap and cheap eyelash extensions are NOT GOOD. The goal of these chain salons is fast and cheap, neither of which belong in the category of eyelash extensions. Good eyelash extensions are an art form that can’t be fast or cheap.

I have had so many clients come into my salon with these “big box chain store” lashes asking if we can do better. They have comments like, “they are so heavy looking”, “they are too long”, “they are all stuck together”, “they hurt,” and to top it off, they look ridiculous!”

My response is, so sad, another big box lash victim. And yes we can do so much better.

What makes big box chain store lashes so bad?

Answer: POOR Product quality and lack of training, training, training and more training.

One must realize that the application of eyelash extensions is an art, as well as a finely tuned micro skill. A well trained lash artist applying high quality lash extensions is literally separating each of your tiny eyelashes with one hand and using the other hand to place the extension perfectly on this tiny eyelash.

Artists must consider the proper diameter, length and curl of the extension they are applying to the individual client.  They must place the extension in the right direction with right amount of adhesive onto your eyelash.

Properly trained and skilled lash professionals know how to deal with invisible, crinkly and crazy eyelashes. They deal with bulging, sunken, uneven, droopy and tired eyes. Advanced stylists can figure out how to lash someone with eyelashes that grow in the most unusual ways, contorting their hands and necks to get the extension on beautifully.

To have the skill to apply beautiful extensions to whomever walks in the door takes months and years of apprenticing from a master stylist. Ideally, apprentices do at least 300 hours of practicing on real lashes before taking paying clients.

This is why when these big box places come in and plop their flashy pink stores in our faces and claim “Amazing lashes can be yours fast and cheap!” it insults true experienced lash artists to the core, because we truly care about quality.  

They “train” technicians in one week to glob on as many long, thick lashes as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. The results are horrendous, poor quality lashes that damage real lashes and can be extremely uncomfortable and unsightly.  These places don’t worry about any shape, separation or customization of their eyelash extensions. Why would they care about that anyway, their clients are locked in a contract after all and they don’t know any better…yet.

The moral of the lash story here is...if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  Large chain stores offering extremely discounted rates are not doing you or your lashes any favors.  Support your local lash artists that invest time and energy in quality lash extension services.