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Why We Don't Touch Up Other Artstis' Work

by Gini Dumers on 08/15/18

We often have people call wishing to have their eyelash extensions touched up that were originally applied at another salon. After doing this for several years I finally decided to stop going behind artists from other salons.

Here’s why:

First, you never know what kind of lash work is coming through the door. I realized that 95% of the time these clients would go to a salon where the products were cheap and the skill level and training of the technician was sub-par. The lashes were often stuck together with too much adhesive, too long and too thick for their natural lash to sustain it, just a plain mess.

Then, I would go in and do what I could manage to do during their appointment time. I'd spend the time trying to fix the substandard lash extensions and the end result didn’t make either of us happy. I wasn't able to give them the fabulous, comfortable, customized lashes that I can give to clients starting from scratch.

So I have learned the best way to wow clients who have gone somewhere else and not gotten great extensions, is to take off the old uncomfortable and unattractive lashes at no extra charge to then and start over with a fresh new full set with me.

Their reactions to their new set are priceless. Many say, “Oh my, I didn’t know they could look this good!” and “I can’t even feel them!”

Yes, that’s the way it should be. Beautiful, custom lashes that are weightless and feel like they are your own.

So, remember, if you've gotten extensions from another artist that you don't love, they've gotta come off and a new proper set needs to be applied. You'll be so glad you started over.

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