Full Volume. Talking About Lashes.
Misconceptions in the lash extension industry 

Full Volume. Talking About Lashes.

Does Your Stylist Do These Things

by Gini Dumers on 07/10/18

I had a panicked bride today who had gone to a big box chain to have her lashes done for her wedding. The reason she called me panicked was because after three days the lashes on one of her eyes were nearly gone. I hesitated because following sub par lash work is extremely difficult, but it was her wedding and she seemed like a very nice girl in a bad situation.

When she arrived I was struck by her gorgeous baby blue eyes. However, the lashes she had on were so badly styled they would the first thing to be noticed on her rather than the beauty of her eyes.  These awful lashes were just hanging there. What a shame!

Unfortunately,  time did not allow for full removal and a whole new set, which would have been my ideal for her.  So, instead, I placed the right lash map on her and went about furiously removing the inappropriately long lashes applied in the wrong places with the wrong curl and did the best I could to “fix” these lashes.  When she opened her eyes and her baby blues shined beautifully with the properly styled lashes for her eyes, accenting the gorgeous color and shape for her, she was thrilled!

So what did I do differently than her first stylist? Fist of all, I listened to what it was she wanted from her lashes. What she explained to me wasn’t anything close to what was on her eye. I’m always baffled by people that tell me they went here or there and the stylist just laid them on the table and started lashing.   Imagine if your hairstylist just started cutting and coloring without asking you what you wanted! Yikes!

As a good lash artist we can’t always do exactly what the client wants, because of limitations with a customers natural lashes,  but we can listen to them and their expectations and then meet somewhere in the middle and both client and stylist are happy with the outcome.

Second, I looked at her and assessed her unique features and created a custom design. I gave her lash extensions that were the correct length, curl and shape to make her amazing baby blues pop instead of the former lashes that overwhelmed her eyes with a bunch of thoughtlessly placed lashes. This takes skill and a little extra time but a great stylist will do this every single time.  Every. Single. Time.

Third, I followed a lash map meant for her. A lash map is a guide that insures symmetry, and proper length and curl placement.   I simply took the time to place and follow the map I decided would be best for her. This is so simple and yet very few artists do it.

So next time you are getting your touch up ask your artist what your map looks like, or how she decided on your design, curl and length used. If she doesn’t have a good thought out answer you are not getting the best possible lashes.

4 Things Your Lash Artist Wants You To Know

by Gini Dumers on 06/25/18

Lash artists love their clients, and we take great pride and care in giving the best possible lash application.  Most clients listen to and follow their aftercare instructions and are dedicated to doing their part to maintain their lashes. But, there are some things that make your lash stylist want to lose her mind!  It’s only frustrating because we want the best for your lashes.

  1. Be on time. 15 minutes in the lash world is huge. It equals more lashing time and more eyelash extensions for the client. Typically, we can apply about 4 extensions a minute. So 15 minutes’ equals 60 lashes! It also stresses out your stylist, who takes pride in her work.  Being rushed to produce great work is stressful.

  1. Come in with clean eyes and lashes (NO MAKEUP, NO EYE CRUSTIES) for your touch up.  When your lashes are dirty or have old make up or mascara on them, adhesion of the fresh eyelash extension is compromised and retention will not be good. When the majority of your lashes fall off by the time your next touch up rolls around, you and your stylist will not be happy. So wash your lashes extra well with your foaming cleanser and lash brush right before your appointment.   If you wait to clean them at your appointment, you lose valuable lashing time. See point number 1 again.

  1. Your lash appointment is a NO PHONE ZONE.  You would be surprised how many clients will keep their phone right next to them on the treatment table and then ask their stylist to answer it for them when it rings!  It’s impossible to attempt to look at your phone through eye pads and tape while the fumes from the uncured adhesive make your eyes water. Great extensions require a tremendous amount of focus on the part of the stylist and answering your phone is very distracting. Do yourself a favor and commit to relaxing during the treatment and turn your phone on silent and leave it in your purse.

  1. Clean lashes regularly and properly in between fills.  At iCandy we supply you with the tools you need to clean your eyelash extensions correctly as well as instructions written and oral. Why is it so important to clean your lashes? Because even if you don’t wear eye makeup, natural oils from your skin mix with shedding skin cells that will accumulate on your lash line. If not cleaned properly, you will start to get a greasy looking, yellowish film on your lash line. This “film,” if still present when you get your touch up, will interfere with the lash extension adhering seamlessly to the natural lash. Other gross effects of not cleaning your lashes include developing “blepharitis”, a fancy name for eyelid dandruff. This dandruff is also yummy food for lash mites. Grossed out yet? Some clients worry that if they touch their lashes too much they will fall off. This is not true. Once applied, lashes are adhered so well that only pulling them out would cause them to come off. Trust me, they are stuck on there very well and washing them will only help them stay longer.

So that’s it.  4 things you can do to be the best client ever and have gorgeous lashes, and a great relationship with your lash stylist.

Guest Blog! What is Microblading, and How Does It Differ From Other Permanent MakeUp Techniques

by Gini Dumers on 06/15/18

The first question most people ask me about microblading is, “What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup”?  The answer is not quite that simple, as microblading is a FORM of permanent makeup, yet there are several major differences.

First, microblading is done by hand.  I use an individually wrapped, sterilized one-time use blade to create the illusion of real hair on the brows.  Interestingly enough, what we call a blade is actually a grouping of tiny fine needles that scratch the skin and then a pigment is inserted into the small cuts.   What we traditionally think of as permanent makeup is a technique done with a tattoo machine.

Secondly, the pigment is deposited deeper into the skin with a machine in traditional permanent makeup.  When microblading, the pigment is placed more superficially in the skin. By putting it more superficially, the pigment tends to last about a year before it needs a touch-up.  However, you are less likely to get blurry “blown-out” looking hair-strokes, or have it fade into an “off” color over time.

Both techniques are considered a tattoo by definition, which is the inserting of pigment into the skin.  Microblading is considered “semi-permanent” since it’s lifespan is shorter than that of a traditional tattoo.  

Microblading is fast becoming the option of choice for those looking to enhance or improve the look of their brows.  It takes about 2 hours and the brows have a very natural looking “fluff”. With permanent makeup done by machine, the desired outcome is a more “made-up” looking brow (so it actually looks like you have makeup on filling in the brow rather than the illusion of hair).

-Marie Leszczak
RockStar MakeUp, Owner and Operator

Why Eyelash Extensions are so great for Mature Eyes

by Gini Dumers on 06/06/18

What if you could do something for yourself that took about 2 hours and made you look and feel 10 years younger? No surgery required. As a matter of fact, the experience is very relaxing and the moment you look in the mirror you fall in love with your eyes again. Wow! No product or treatment you have tried in the past can compare to the transformation you witness at that

moment. You are in love.

Yes, I am talking about a great set of eyelash extensions from a highly trained, thoughtful artist who knows just how to give you that open eyed youthful look you remember you always had.

Why exactly are eyelash extensions such a miracle treatment for mature eyes?

Well there are a number of things going on with mature eyes:


Sagging, hooded eyes

Hollowness from a loss of fat and collagen around the eye socket or bulging eyes

Loss of eyelash volume that makes mascara application a nightmare.

Mature eyes hate mascara for a number of reasons, including: it clumps on sparse lashes, it flakes into our eyes or on our face, we can’t wear it to the gym or to the beach or swimming and we are just sick of applying it every morning of our lives!

Defining the eyes with liners gives an unnatural “hard” look that can make you look older.

But a skilled lash artist has an arsenal of solutions to address all of these problems!

We can adjust the curl and length of lashes to “lift” sagging and drooping eyes.

With a well thought out and planned “lash map” we can bring the eyes forward or backwards, farther apart or closer in.  A lash map is a guide or plan of application to correct the signs of aging you want addressed.

We can solve the issue of hooded, tired looking eyes by adjusting the application of the eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all service, they can be custom tailored to you and your specific concerns.  How fabulous it that?!

We add volume to fix sparse lashes, you can have the lashes you had 20 years ago or that you never had.  In fact, you can have lashes better than you’ve ever had in your life!

And you never have to wear mascara again. You might be thinking, really? Seems too good to be true. Not at iCandy. Our clients are typically 40+ and I train my artists to focus on designing a set of extensions for the clients that will solve the issues that our customers really care about. Not just sticking on a bunch of lashes, that’s not our style!

Eyelash Extensions aren’t for everyone. Why Lash Lifts have become the hottest trend in beauty

by Gini Dumers on 05/23/18

Eyelash extensions are wonderful. No matter what your natural lashes look like, lash artists can add curl and definition to the lash line. But what if you don’t have the time every two weeks for touch ups? What if you are so active with sports, hot yoga, etc. that you can’t retain the eyelash extensions very well.? And let’s face it, eyelash extensions are a commitment that not everyone wants to make.

So how to beautify our eyes with a less maintenance? Answer, Lash Lifts! I have seen the popularity of this service explode over the last six months and here is why;  lash lifts make natural lashes visible where they were once straight and not very visible. We have all probably tried the mechanical lash curler, which works great to get those lashes up and visible, giving us some glam. Then after about an hour that wonderful curl is gone and so is the glam look.

Lash lifts permanently curl natural lashes so that with a couple of strokes of mascara you get the wow look. With the lash lift, the lashes are tinted immediately post treatment to give them a darker appearance, so even when mascara isn’t worn there is a nice natural definition on the lash line. Clients who have incredible natural lashes will go from not so noticeable lashes to “wow!” eyelashes that get constant comments and compliments. The look lasts up to 6 weeks!  So you will only have to visit the salon again after a couple of weeks if you would like to refresh the black tint.

Not everyone is the best candidate for the lash lift. Ideally, your natural lashes are reasonably healthy and strong. It is also important to take care of your lashes post lift with special Keratin conditioners that are applied every day to keep the treated lashes strong and prevent lash shrinkage.

Give iCandy Lash Lounge a call today so we can set you up with this wonderful treatment. It takes about an hour and lasts up to 6 weeks. Most clients desire a reapplication of the black tint after 3 weeks, but this is still a very low maintenance solution for beautiful lashes. Incredibly, women have fallen in love with the lift as deeply as the extensions!